Look at the fish! Don’t look at the fish…

Welcome to my attempt to get a group of us together to have some fun. So far, not much accomplished. Hopefully, I’ll have to edit that statement soon though!

The first thing I need to ask you guys to do, is make characters. This can be done using the Wizards of the Coast character builder, which is free to 3rd level. To get info about it and the free trial I mentioned, click here

Once you know the character you want to create, let everyone know via the facebook messaging, unless you find some better way to do it on here. Once I get the details, I’ll update what I can on here.

The final step will be to upload that character you created onto this site. This doesn’t HAVE to be done, but would add substance to the page and get everyone involved.

Before we play, we will need to print off the character sheets, along with the character abilities that the builder will have on your last page.

Otherwise, check out the wiki for info about the campaign, and we’ll see what this can turn into!

Cheers! Your DM (Fuck GMs)

Every Campaign Needs a Cool Name

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