The realm of Linmore.

The Frozen North

The land of ice and barbarians. The Frozen North is in the northern extreme of Linmore and is home to the dragonborn barbarians. Though other professions are known by the inhabitants, they are known throughout the realm for the vicious fortitude of their warriors. The Frozen North is traveled by few, as the mountainous terrain mixed with the chill of the north tend to ward off the timid adventurers. But to the brave adventurer, the much unexplored land is host to as much treasure as rumor.

The Frozen North is also home to devas, who live in the northern most regions of the area. Their crystalline city guards the planar rift that they originally came to Linmore from. Though the portal was destroyed by a family of white dragons drawn to its power, the deva remain protective of the rift area. With hopes of returning the rift to its original functionality, the deva remain separated from the other races, and care little about the rest of the realm’s issues.


The dwarven kingdom in the southeast of Linmore. Its mountains and canyons create a natural border to the realm that none have been known to return from. The proud dwarves who call the area home are a secluded race. They like to stay in their mountain homes, working in the forges within the belly of the land. More dwarves have begun to travel away from their homelands as a good number of dragons still find the mountains to be comfortable horde locations. An infamous adult red dragon is known to have at least four different stashes within four different mountains in Kilerg. He flies unpredictable courses at random intervals to check on each of his caches.


Forestwood represents the ancient ways of Linmore. The elves and eladrin that call the area home live in an uneasy peace with one another. Their ability to work together protected much of Forestwood from the blight of the dragon infestation, though the destruction of their spawning ground in the blasted lands left a good portion of the forest burnt to a skeletal reminder of the dragon presence. After the joining of the races, the elves saw the great benefit of interracial alliances, and began to leave their tribes within the forest for more prosperous relationships within the far reaches of Linmore. This has caused a falling out with the Eladrin, who refuse to leave the lands of their ancestors, grudging the elves for their decision. Green dragons have been known to take advantage of this weakness as they make home in the denser regions within Forestwood.

Dark Weald

The home of the shifters and wild beasts, Dark Weald a dense forest of wildlife. The capital city, Shadow Shade, is home to a combination of the shifter clans. The shifter clans have lived in peace with one another for centuries now, after wars with one another had decimated their populations. They now thrive, enjoying life very similar to those of other races. The dense forest is home to many monsters, causing shifter children to train as warriors at very young ages. Despite the hazards of the wilds, the shifters live without worry in their cities within the trees. Dragons have a tendency to leave these woods alone, as they find easier prey among the Forestwood just south of Dark Weald. This has caused the eladrin and elves of Forestwood to hold the shifters in contempt, as they offer no help to their neighbors with the dragon infestations.


The volcanic region of Helstier is home primarily to Tieflings, though it also sees a large population of Dragonborn who have decided to move away from their barbaric heritage. Helstier is an economic giant, as the Tieflings make and sell weapons and armor all across Linmore, bringing back their gains to their homeland. Red dragons often enjoy finding caves in the warm volcanoes, easily finding much wealth in the nearby Tiefling cities. Though the Tiefling are open to other races in their lands, as they bring more external trade, they tend to dislike the other races due to a superiority complex of sorts.

Trade Coast

The Trade Coast represents the humans’ desire for both self and communal improvement. All races are welcome in the area, as the citizens recognize the benefit of different skills and abilities. In particular, halflings, elves, and half-elves also call the region home. The coastal area is well governed, with taxes paying for city works as well as a military. The Knights of Silver is a military organization with officers representing a hodgepodge of characteristics including justice, courage, avarice, and corruption. The government is in a similar state, with well meaning governors taking a backseat to more corrupt politicians. All in all, the coast is full of opportunity, as long as the adventurer is willing to push himself in the right direction. The army and navy have done a decent job keeping dragons at bay within the region, but blue dragons prey on trading ships with hit and run tactics, with caravans taking similar hits on the less protected roads of the coast.

Test City

Large Area of Sands Spotted with Hints of Other Places (LASSWHOP)

This desert is its own hell. Nearly as uninhabitable as the Blasted Lands, LASSWHOP differs only by having an occasional oasis here and there, with cities far and in between. The major cities are somewhat near the coast to have some sort of water supply. Cities built around an oasis rely on magic as further sustenance, especially in times of trouble. In general, the desert people dislike magic and its users very much, while still relying on them for their state’s survival. This is due to LASSWHOP citizens relying heavily on the strength and ability of an individual to survive in a harsh environment. The area has very little government involvement, especially compared to the Trade Coast. Dragons aren’t much of a presence in the desert. Every now and then, the older dragons will convince a younger dragon to attack the area as a joke. It generally ends poorly for the ignorant dragon, but causes quite a bit of ruckus for the citizens as well.

Blasted Lands

Find out about these lands in the future.



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