(Kayla) Ril’nilee is a Drow Rogue. Drow worship spiders, which is fucking stupid, so Ril was outcast from her House. Her name translates to “Omen of the Ravager Corpse,” which basically means she’s a Drow Rogue Ravaging Zombie, and shit WILL go down.


(Ross) The product of a sailor and a goat, Malachi is a failure.

(Ryan) Onca is a Shifter Warden. The name comes from Panthera onca – the Jaguar. I could never come up with cool names on my own so I have developed a habit of ripping them off of random things online.

(Tyler) Checkers is a Doppelganger Bard that was raised among Dragonborn. He is a bard, so he is automatically better than anyone else’s character. If you have any question, consort the cool class list below.

Cool Class List:
  1. Bard
  2. Everything Else

(Tyler2) The product of Checkers spending a night in the elemental chaos with a Genasi harlot. Checkers Jr. was born with a mix of his father’s prowess and his mother’s powers. Stolen away by mages at a young age, Checkers Jr. was sold into slavery within Linmore. At the age of 20, CJ’s natural talent with the elements began to develop. A few months later, he destroyed his holdings as well as his masters, and left the flaming property behind him in the night.



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